Everybody on the internet wants to give you their “free” advice and then try to sell you something. I don’t want to add to the “noise”. You’re probably on information overload already. Instead, I want to share the specific strategies I used to grow several small businesses while traveling the world, helping my favorite social-change and green causes, and goofing off way more than the average 9-to-5′er. I started many small businesses and a non-profit in my teens, twenties, and early thirties and have been gainfully self-employed my entire life. In 2003 I began coaching thousands of clients to achieve uncommon success in business and life.

I had to laugh when I saw a cartoon in the San Francisco Chronicle of a panhandler holding up a cardboard sign that said “Life Coaching”. Unfortunately, some of the “coaches” out there give my profession a bad rap. I have a track record. I am both a business coach and a life coach. I’ve had great results with both and you will find dozens of client success stories on my web page. I’ve discovered some key principles, strategies, and resources that consistently lead to breakthrough results. You can read about them on this blog. It’s about working smarter, not harder.