Ryan Eliason, Professional Coach - Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Should You Hire A Personal Coach?

Use this brief self-assessment to determine if coaching would be helpful in your particular situation.  Score 1 point for each “yes” answer.
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Do you have the sense that you are not yet living up to your potential?
Do you have a tendency to get so focused on the day to day tasks that you don't take time to look at the big picture, plan and strategize appropriately?
Could you use better strategies to get where you are going?
Do you have a tendency to procrastinate or get overwhelmed?
Do you tend to get distracted or lose your focus frequently?
Do you battle with time and have the sense that there is never enough time?
Are you out of balance, focusing too much on certain areas of your life and not enough on others?
Would it be helpful for you to get more clear about what you want?
If you have had a personal coach in the past, did you find it helpful?
Do you feel isolated when it comes to achieving your goals and vision?
Do you lack the confidence or self-esteem necessary to achieve your goals?
Do you have a tendency to sell yourself short, and not make your best effort to achieve what you really want?
Do you have a tendency to get stuck and then not know how to get yourself on track again?
Do you fear failure?
Do you fear success?
Do you lack support structures that would help you to maintain momentum?
Do you tend to be your own worst critic and a harsh judge of yourself?
Do you neglect taking action on a regular basis that will move you toward your dreams?
Do you neglect to acknowledge and celebrate your victories (even small ones) and instead move immediately onto the next goal?
Do you want to make more money but are having a hard time taking things to the next level?
Do you want more clients or sales, but are not sure how to make that happen without burning yourself out or spending your time on things you don't enjoy?
Do you want to attract that special someone into your life, or do you want to make the relationship you're already in much more satisfying?
Do you wish you managed, saved, and invested your money more effectively?
Do you want to finally get your health handled, get in shape, and feel great about your body?
Are you caught in the trap of thinking that you will be happy someday when you achieve all your goals, instead of fully enjoying the process here and now?
One More Question - and perhaps the most important is this ... Are You Coachable? In other words, are you ready to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to take an honest look at yourself and your life or business and make some important changes?

If you answered "yes" to between 1 and 10 of these questions, it is possible that coaching would be helpful for you. If you answered "yes" to 11 or more, it is VERY LIKELY that coaching would be a powerful support structure to add to your life. However, your life doesn't have to be falling apart for coaching to be helpful. Even the most successful people can benefit from coaching. For example, many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have coaches.

If you're still not sure, feel free to give me a call or send me an email to set up a time for a brief conversation at no charge. I'm not desperate for clients, so don't worry about me twisting your arm or trying to convince you that you need a coach. I'll do my best to support you to get clarity on whether or not coaching would be a good choice for you. I only like to work with clients that I'm 100% confident that I can help to succeed. I also might be able to recommend other helpful resources, depending on your particular situation.

Most of my coaching is done conveniently by phone so it doesn’t matter where you’re located. Here's where to reach me:


Here's To Your Success!

Ryan Eliason
Business and Life Success Coach