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Let’s face it… a lot of marketing is gross!

This morning, a friend posted something in a private group I belong to and it got me thinking…

A lot of marketing contributes to the suffering in the world by conditioning people to believe they need to get somewhere other than where they already are in order to be happy, or to be complete.

In the realm of business, a lot of the marketing tends to glorify entrepreneurism and making a lot of money.

Here’s what I really believe… Some people will make great business owners or entrepreneurs, and some won’t. It’s a wonderful path for some, and a horrible choice for others.

The same is true for making a lot of money. Some people will find their most authentic expression, their soul’s deepest fulfillment, and make the biggest contribution to the world, via a path that involves making a lot of money.

Others will only find suffering and distraction from what they’re truly here to do by putting too much of their attention on making a lot of money.

Much of the marketing I see out there seems to be rooted in the assumption that everyone should want, and does want, and would be best served by, growing a massive business that makes tons of money, reaches tons of people, and makes a massive impact, etc.

I’m sure I’ve contributed to this myself, and I take responsibility for this.

But what I truly believe is that many people would be most fulfilled and happy as an employee of a business that’s doing something positive for the world, rather than by starting their own business.

I also believe that many people would be most fulfilled by building a small business that brings in enough money, and makings a meaningful positive difference in the lives of a small number clients.

Bigger is not always better.

More is not always better.

Growing a business is a fun game to play. Some people will find great meaning and purpose by seeing just how far they can take it.

Others will lose themselves along the way, especially when they start comparing themselves to others and thinking “that is what success looks like”.

Only YOU can define what success looks like for you. Adopt someone else’s definition, and you’re setting yourself up to chase a dream that isn’t really yours.

Making a profound positive impact in the world is one of the most interesting and meaningful games you can play.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to set your sites on reaching millions of people, or even thousands or hundreds of people.

You might be most fulfilled by serving a small number of people, and having more intimate relationships with the people you serve.

Personally, I genuinely LOVE playing really big… I’ve enjoyed growing my subscriber community to over 100,000 people, serving thousands of paying clients from 85 countries, and growing a 7-figure business.

This was clearly my path, and I know because I’m having a blast.

It’s super hard sometimes, but I love the challenges, and I feel happier than I’ve ever felt in my life.

You might feel called to play big too, and if you do, that’s awesome!

Sometimes bigger actually is better. That might be the vision you’re authentically inspired to pursue.

On the other hand, you might feel called to focus on serving smaller numbers, and that’s awesome too!

What the world needs is for each of us to play our unique role in service to the greater good.

What each of needs to be most fulfilled is to find our own unique path and live it, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks.

The more clear you become about your unique path and role, the less seduced you will be by marketing messages that don’t resonate with your true values and path.

You’ll just ignore those messages, and they won’t bother you so much any more.

And you’ll be clearly called towards messages that DO resonate with who you are, and what you’re truly committed to. And this will lead to getting just the right support you need to manifest your authentic vision.

Here’s to you discovering and playing your unique role in profound service to others, and to the world!

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