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Welcome These Two Magical Creatures Into Your Home and You Will Have More Love, Kindness and Play In Your Life — Every Single Day!

My wife Maya and I are moving to Thailand in November, and one of the hardest parts is saying goodbye to our best friends…  Jasmine and Blue.

We can’t bring them with us, so we are seeking a new family for them.  We know they will be a MASSIVE blessing to the lucky people who volunteer for this amazing opportunity.

No matter what happens in the world (politically, with covid, or otherwise) these two magical beings will warm your heart and remind you of what really matters every single day.  They will remind you to be present in the here and now, to give and receive love, and to enjoy the simple things in life!

I’ll tell you more about Jasmine and Blue (and share some pics) but first…

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You must be an animal lover… especially cats!
  • Indoor/outdoor living situation with a safe outdoor environment.  (Not a busy street with a lot of traffic)
  • Ideally near Eugene, Oregon or Arcata, California.  However, for the right situation we will bring them to you.  We’d rather not drive beyond Oregon, California, or Washington.
  • A home life where at least one person is home a lot.  They are unusually social and would get lonely if they were home alone too much.
  • A situation without dogs is probably best, but I’m sure they would get along with the right dog or dogs.
  • Ideally, a family situation such as a couple or a family with kids who can give them a stable long term living situation.
  • Ideally, Blue and Jasmine will stay together, but this is not essential.  We think they will be happier if there are other friendly animals around.

Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine wondered out of the woods about 6 years ago.  She was emaciated and terrified of humans.  We don’t know what happened to her before she met us, but it wasn’t good.  We fed her and she stuck around, however, she wouldn’t come near us for many months.  Slowly, little by little, she learned to trust us, and eventually she found that she really loves humans.

She is a total sweetheart and just kind of radiates love.  She’s also the most polite cat I’ve ever known.  She wants to please you and if you ever tell her something isn’t okay, you will only need to tell her once.

She deeply appreciates attention, however, she doesn’t require very much — just a little every day will keep her happy.  She’s content to sleep a lot, and to sit outside in her favorite chair for hours at a time.  She is also very feminine, and has a cute little squeak of a meow, and she purrs very enthusiastically.

Blue’s Story

Blue showed up out of nowhere in our backyard about four years ago.  He obviously wanted to be friends with us, and with Jasmine.  However, we knew he must have an owner somewhere, because he was obviously very comfortable with humans.

We spent several weeks trying to find his owner, but we couldn’t find one.  However, that was a good thing, because by then we had fallen completely in love.

Blue is a world class snuggler, but he doesn’t try to get into your lap all the time.  He enjoys it when you talk to him and will have a full on conversation with you speaking in cat language of course.  It really does sound like he’s saying something!

He’s more like a dog in some ways — a true best friend companion.  He will sit at your feet or nearby while you’re working, patiently waiting for an opportunity to connect.  He loves to play.  He especially likes to play-fight, but he’s extremely gentle and will never bite hard or claw you.

He also has an independent side, and likes to explore and entertain himself outdoors at times.

He will sit in your lap, or lay on your chest, and purr like he never wants this moment to end.

Adopting Jasmine and/or Blue…

We thought we had adopted Jasmine and Blue, but in reality THEY adopted US!  They literally showed up at our home and took care of us emotionally and otherwise.  They are two truly special and wonderful beings, and they deserve a family that will appreciate and enjoy them as much as have.

If you might be interested in adopting Jasmine and Blue, or one of them, please take 5 minutes to submit this simple easy form….

Also, feel free to pass this post along to any friends you have that might be a good match for Jasmine and/or Blue!

Enjoy these pics and videos…

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