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Many of you know that I am a huge fan of David Allen an his book “Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress Free Productivity”. I did a little hunting and found some free downloads from his web page that I thought you might find useful. I especially like the “Workflow Chart”, which is basically the method for processing your “collection buckets” such as your email inbox, your voicemail, your notes from a meeting, etc.

Getting Things Done – Workflow Chart(PDF)

Getting Things Done – Filing (PDF)

Getting Things Done – Tickler File (PDF)

Getting Things Done – Weekly Review (PDF)

I also created a few documents myself which may be helpful in implementing the GTD system. I don’t recommend trying to make use of these tools unless you have first read his book ….

Getting Things Done – Implementing the System(Word)

Getting Things Done – Wheel(Word)

I like David’s model for the six levels of reviewing your life and work:

50,000+ feet: Life
40,000 feet: Three to five year visions
30,000 feet: One to two year goals
20,000 feet: Areas of responsibility
10,000 feet: Current projects
Runway: Current actions

These levels should all be aligned from the top down. Most people don’t review the upper levels often enough to keep everything aligned.

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