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I received a question by email from one of my business coaching clients who has been struggling to get enough clients in her business and has been confused about which marketing strategy to focus on.

This seems to be a common problem these days. There are thousands of self-proclaimed gurus touting that they have the new miracle cure for all of your business woes… write a book in 90 days, outsource to the Philippines, create a better niche, fix your sales copy, SOCIAL MEDIA – yikes!, learn how to use Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin and blogging to grow your business, make your first information product, make viral marketing videos, make your web page show up on the first page of Google… this list is long and overwhelming. If you don’t have enough clients, it can be very tempting to get distracted by every bright shiny object that comes along.

The truth is you don’t need 150 marketing strategies.

You need 1 that works. Maybe 1 or 2 or 3. One good one that you really perfect and optimize is really all that you need to have a thriving business.

Once you have chosen the marketing strategy that seems most promising, focus on it thoroughly until you either make it successful or you decide definitively that it wasn’t the best strategy after all.

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