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If you want to make a positive difference, it all starts with you.

When it comes to building a business or career, and making a positive difference in the world, most of us get stopped way too easily.

Sometimes we get stopped by our own limiting beliefs and fears of failure.

Sometimes we get stopped by fears of success.  After all, achieving that greater purpose and mission could result in some radical changes in your life, right?

Other times we get stopped by life.


Have you ever found yourself stopped by one of these?

●    You try to implement a new marketing strategy and it falls flat.
●    You get sick.
●    Your significant other tells you they’re afraid about finances and asks you to get a real job.
●    The economy crashes and clients stop buying your services.


There is one thing I am absolutely certain of…

If you embrace a higher purpose and mission, then life is going to put some serious obstacles in your path.  You’re going to be tested.  And, you will almost certainly fail the test, and fail to live your higher purpose, if you don’t become unstoppable.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be some kind of superhero man of steel, or wonder woman.

Being an unstoppable force for good doesn’t mean that you push yourself harder than is healthy, and it doesn’t mean that you are some kind of fanatic who cares about only one thing, and doesn’t care who they step on in the process of achieving their goal.

It doesn’t mean that you will run over anyone who tries to get in your way.  It just means that you’ve made a solid commitment to not let anything stop you.  And this is more than a decision, it’s a way of being.


We could call it being committed, and it certainly includes being committed, but it’s even more than that…

It’s being resourceful, creative, flexible, fierce when needed, and being willing to surrender your agenda when needed as well.

It definitely means being committed to your own growth and evolution, and being willing to examine and let go of whatever internal habits and patterns would hold you back from manifesting your higher purpose.

It means making your mission more important than your comfort.  Comfort is highly overrated anyway.

Being an unstoppable force for good means leaving your comfort zone on a regular basis for the sake of something far more meaningful and rewarding than the false safety of your comfort zone.

Being an unstoppable force for good means making commitments that stretch you, and then living into those commitments.  It means committing to things that inspire you, even though you sometimes have no clue how you’re going to achieve them, and then getting to work figuring out how you’re going to do it.

It means recognizing the adversities you face as opportunities for quantum leaps in your growth and learning.  It’s about stepping so fully into this way of being, that if you find yourself being anything other than an unstoppable force for good, you recognize that you are out of integrity with who you really are, and you recommit yourself in that moment of awareness.


This starts with a powerful declaration…

Then, it simply becomes a lifetime of practicing and honoring this deeper commitment to a way of being.

It may or may not feel naturally authentic to step powerfully into being unstoppable.  Sometimes as we step into a new way of being, it feels unfamiliar at first.  My invitation to you is to continue consciously stepping into this way of being, more and more, until you identify with it fully.

This way of being obviously applies to your entire life, and not just your business.  However, your work is a wonderful opportunity to be unstoppable.

Please post a comment below.  You may want to answer this question…

If you were unstoppable in your life and business, what would become possible for you?


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