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A business coaching client recently asked me, “Hey Ryan,  Some days I feel super confident and on top of the world, and other days I feel doubt that takes over.  What is the best way to get over self doubt?”

I like the question because this challenge is universal. We all face self doubt at times.  When evaluating the viability of a particular path, there is a period of time when a dose of healthy skepticism may be appropriate and may even save you from making a poor choice. However, once you decide to commit to a particular goal or path of action, the time for doubt is over. Once you commit and engage, doubt only holds you back and takes the wind out of your sales.

I invite you to see your doubt as a Gremlin. Your skeptical thoughts are not the truth. They are just thoughts. They are the voice of the Gremlin. There is no need to destroy the Gremlin. Resisting him or her will only make her seem more real. Instead, recognize those doubting thoughts for what they are…lies told by the Gremlin. Don’t give them any energy. Instead, recognize your power to choose which thoughts to believe, and your power to act in spite of doubt. Awareness, choice, and action are the cures for doubt. The Gremlin will try to trick you by pretending it is there to protect you. However, believing the Gremlin will only kill your aliveness and your sense of what is possible.

Believing in yourself and in your dream is like a muscle that you can build with practice. It will never be perfect. It will continue to fluctuate and will always be a work in progress. So, if you experience doubt, don’t worry, this is normal. If you weren’t experiencing any doubt, then you probably wouldn’t be going for a big enough goal. When you experience doubt, just patiently bring yourself back to “belief”, over and over again, and you will continue to build that muscle stronger.

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