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How much of your time gets eaten up every day by busy work that doesn’t really lead to any true progress in your business? Probably way too much. Are you getting at least two really important things done each day … things that will move your business or life forward in a powerful way? If not, I suggest the following exercise for you. This very simple exercise could have a dramatic impact on your level of productivity. I’ve seen it work for many of my life and business coaching clients.

Here it is. Simply schedule three times per day to ask yourself the following questions. Take 3-5 minutes to reflect honestly on your answers. Put a reminder in your calendar or phone so you won’t forget. Set an alarm so you won’t forget. Do this for at least 2 weeks. If you’re getting good results, keep doing it. Here are the questions.

1. Am I being productive or am I just being busy?
2. Am I inventing things to do in order to avoid what is truly important?

That’s it – short, sweet, simple, but it could change your life! Trust me – Just do it!

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