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How strong is your purpose (and why should you care)?

When clients enroll in my Visionary Business Mastery program the first thing I ask them to do is look at their purpose. I ask them to examine their current business purpose – the whole reason they started that business in the first place. Then I ask them to explore how they could upgrade that sense of purpose.

That’s because experience has taught me that a strong purpose is an essential component of the foundation beneath any successful visionary business. It might even be the most important component. The stronger your sense of purpose, the more powerfully you’ll be pulled by vision, and the less you’ll be swayed by inevitable setbacks.

It’s not that the technical aspects of marketing and running a business aren’t important. Of course they are. But you need to lay those technical skills over a strong foundation of compelling purpose. Otherwise, the temptation to walk away when things get difficult – or even just slack off when there’s boring work to be done – can be overwhelming.

So even though the talk of a purpose might sound a little “woo-woo”, it’s actually one of the most practical things you can focus on.


4 Characteristics Of A Purpose Strong Enough To Grow Your Business

One of the most powerful things you can do if you want to rapidly grow and uplevel your business is to first uplevel your purpose. Here are four characteristics of a purpose that will provide a strong enough foundation for your business to grow:

    1. Your purpose makes you bounce out of bed in the morning, impatient to get on with doing whatever needs doing to make the vision behind it happen. You feel energized and driven to take any action that will bring you closer to making that vision a reality.
    2. Your purpose infuses everything you do to grow your business – even the mundane administrative tasks – with profound meaning.
    3. Your purpose “fuels you up”, pulling you forward during the challenging times, and giving you the momentum you need to keep going.
    4. You realize that even if you won the lottery and never had to work another day to earn money, you’d keep striving towards your purpose. It just feels that important and meaningful to you.


Want help upgrading your sense of purpose?

Take a look at my Visionary Business School, and the uplevel program, Visionary Business Mastery, to get the help you need to upgrade your sense of purpose, gain critical business skills, and find the support you need to grow your business in a way that works for you.

What’s the compelling purpose “foundation” that lies beneath your business? Please join in the conversation and leave your thoughts below.

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