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How to realize your dream and help the world… Do you struggle with realizing a vision that seems too big to ever accomplish? Do you worry about where the money will come from, or or how to reach people who will get behind your mission? Sangita Iyer had those concerns. She knew she wanted to help end the enslavement and mistreatment of elephants around the world, and she wanted to make a documentary. But she was struggling to raise the funds and get people enrolled in her cause. Through our sessions together, Sangita was able to not only produce her documentary, but she went on to win numerous awards for her accomplishments — including a UN nomination and India’s highest presidential award. Watch this video to find out how Sangita produced her film and got the message out. – Download your FREE book and learn How To Make a Lucrative Career Out of Profound Service — The 9 Best Niche Markets that Empower You to Profit From Doing Good.

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