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From barely surviving to making 18K in a single month… If you’re like many of the good-hearted changemakers I’ve worked with over the years, you wish you didn’t have to worry about client attraction, marketing and business. You’d rather just focus on what you love and enjoy, and have the money show up without having to struggle with the likes of technology, marketing, business models, etc. This describes my client Shannon Leahy’s past challenges exactly. And needless to say, her business wasn’t booming when we met! But after she took my Visionary Business School course, Shannon went from barely getting by month-to-month to making $18,000 in a single month! Watch this video to learn how she did it. Shannon is a writer and a storyteller, and she wanted to “just write” — she didn’t see herself as a businessperson, nor did she really want to become one either. As a result, she and her husband were forced to live very simply to get by. (Sound like any changemakers you know?) She experienced some pretty big transformation in my program, and now she and her husband are enjoying a more prosperous life. – Download your FREE book and learn How To Make a Lucrative Career Out of Profound Service — The 9 Best Niche Markets that Empower You to Profit From Doing Good.

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