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To generate a high level of success in your business, you’ll need to become highly focused, efficient and productive.

When people think of “time management” they usually think of expensive planners and fancy software, as well as tricks and techniques you can learn in time-management books and seminars.

Most of these tools and techniques are like band-aids and they do little, if anything, to improve your time management if you don’t have a powerful underlying foundation in place.

Don’t get me wrong… I love good tools and I’m always looking for time saving techniques and ways to increase my productivity, and to help my clients do the same.

However, this is NOT where mastery comes from.


True time mastery is born of deep clarity and alignment between your highest values, visions, goals, strategic plans, priorities, actions, and habits.


Time mastery is self-mastery.

This level of time mastery requires becoming an expert at managing your emotions, your state of mind, and “who you’re being” from day to day.

This is because how you spend your time, and the results you get, are born directly from your habitual state of mind, and “who you’re being”.

Consider the following chart:




Here’s how this works…

First you clarify your deepest values. Then, you you create a clear and compelling vision that is aligned with your values. Next you set goals based on the vision, and create a strategic plan that is aligned with those goals. Then you make a powerful commitment to your vision and goals. Finally, you engage fully with your strategic plan.


This means your daily actions and habits become aligned with everything else.

This clarity, alignment, and commitment sets the stage for a RUTHLESS level of prioritization and focus. This is the foundation of time mastery, and this leads to momentum and results.


What is your biggest challenge around time?  Please post a comment below and let us know.


What helps you to focus on what’s most important?  Please also share your time mastery advice in the comments section.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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