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Tips and Tricks To Being Happy

Gratitude – this is my number one happiness tip. Give thanks. Give thanks for anything and everything you can think of to be thankful for; and do this as often and regularly as you can remember. Do it silently to yourself, but be sure to express it out loud as well.

Stop Seeking and Start Finding – Some people are so identified with being a seeker that they are stuck in that mode of being. It almost becomes their identity – seeking enlightenment, seeking truth, seeking money, seeking the next high, seeking the answers, seeking happiness, seeking whatever. If you are being a seeker in any part of your life, just stop, and become a “finder” instead. Start recognizing and acknowledging all the good stuff you’re finding every day.

Exercise – Our bodies were made for exercise. They evolved that way over millions of years. If you’re not exercising you’re disrespecting the laws of nature and the miracle of your body. On the other hand, exercise is one of the best cures for depression, with all its numerous benefits such as increased circulation, positive hormone generation, stress release, etc. Find some ways to exercise that you enjoy and you’ll get even more happiness out of it.

Laughter – Hang out with funny people. Watch funny movies. Make yourself and others laugh. Need I say more?

It Is What It Is – Most people live their lives in some level of argument with reality. They think things should be different than they are. Favorite things that should be different: others, themselves, circumstances, life itself, our political leaders, the weather, their mood that day, their parents, their children, the way someone is behaving, you name it. This is the cause of suffering. If you want to learn to be at peace with what is, read the book, “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie.

Learn To Recognize Enough – In my newsletter on Financial Mastery, I talked about the lie of scarcity. Scarcity is a perspective that many people have permanently adopted. It’s like they’re wearing scarcity sunglasses and therefore they never see enough, no matter how much there is. Not enough time, not enough love, not enough energy, not enough fun, not enough sex, not enough money, you name it – not enough. Recognizing “enough” is a choice, a skill, a habit, and a new way of seeing things. Start looking for enough and you’ll find it; and man does it feel good!

Revel in Satisfaction – Learn to slow down and savor the moment. I’ve noticed that many people have an unconscious limit to how much pleasure they will allow themselves to experience. They hit their limit and quickly move onto the next experience. If you’re enjoying something, slow down, sink into it, let yourself enjoy it even more. You can keep expanding your capacity to feel happiness, joy, pleasure, love, ecstasy, gratitude, contentment, and peace. Make it your practice.

Learn To Recognize Happiness – Happiness is basically feeling good. There are infinite variations on feeling good. Here are just a few: laughter, gratitude, peace, satisfaction, warmth, love, generosity, passion, purpose, surrender, creativity, release, aliveness, joy, playfulness, contentment, centered, complete, giddy, triumphant. Your body is a finely tuned instrument capable of experiencing the great symphony of life’s subtle emotions.

Happy Moments – Even the happiest people in the world are only happy sometimes. Happiness occurs in happy moments. The trick is to notice when you’re having a happy moment. Noticing it can help you appreciate it more and even expand upon it. Drop the over-ambitious goal of being happy all the time and simply work on having more happy moments. If you’re depressed and you have only one happy moment all day, celebrate it! Then begin creating the next one. Become a happy person, one happy moment at a time.

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