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I just filmed these two videos recently.  Neither of them are perfect and I will probably shoot a third video eventually.  However, I’m going to use one of these in the meantime, and put it on my home page at

I discovered that it’s not easy to make a good video.  You’re talking to an inanimate object (a camera), trying to remember all the points you want to cover, and still wanting to come across naturally.  You want your personality to show through, and you want to communicate your message clearly.

I would really appreciate any feedback you feel like providing.  Which one do you think I should use on my web page, and why?

Personally, I like #2 better because I’m more relaxed and I think my personality comes out more and I seem more confident.  The problem with #2 is that it’s quite silly in the beginning, and people who don’t already know me (and therefore don’t know that I also have a serious, focused, intense side) may get turned off.   I don’t mind if a few fuddy-duddies get turned off, but if my ideal potential clients get a bad first impression…well, that’s not good is it.

In any case, I’d love to hear your first impression.  Especially if you are someone who doesn’t already know me and has never met me before.  Feedback from people who know me is certainly appreciated as well.

You can leave your feedback by making a comment on this blog post.

Thanks in advance!

Video #1

Video #2

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